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Daffodil valleys are a common sight all over Romania – the most well known being Negrileasa, Racas, Zernesti, Dumbrava Vadului, Tecsesti, Varghis, Tara Narciselor(Country of Daffodils) from Bucium, Saca valley etc.

Many of them have “natural reservations” status, which forbids picking flowers in order to protect and preserve them.

Daffodils bloom in the spring and they can be admired for a period of 2-3 weeks. Daffodils have either white or yellow colors.

Dumbrava Vadului natural reservation from Brasov covers 394 hectares, which makes it the biggest reservation of its kind.

The gallery below also shows other type of flowers found around these valleys.

daffodil glade narcissus flowers valley romanian landscape poiana narciselor

daffodil flowers romania narcissus

daffodil narcissus flowers glade romania carpathian mountains scenery poiana narciselordaffodil narcissus flowers valleys romania landscape carpathian mountainsdaffodil narcissus flowers valley carpathians romania mountains eastern european landscapedaffodils-narcissus-flowers-field-romania-landscape-carpathians-beautiful-sceneryDumbrava Vadului daffodil narcissus flowers glade valleys romanian landscape carpathian mountainsmuntii rodnei mountains carpathians Dumbrava Vadului daffodil narcissus flowers valley poiana narciselornegrileasa Poiana Narciselor romanian mountains daffodil narcissus flowers glade valley carpathiansnegrileasa wild daffodil narcissus valley glade Millions of Flowers Poiana Narciselor romania landscape mountainsPoiana Narciselor  daffodil narcissus flowers glade valley beautiful romanian mountains landscapePoiana Narciselor  negrileasa carpathian mountains daffodil glade valley poiana narciselor romaniaPoiana Narciselor daffodil glade narcissus flowers valley romania mountains carpathians romanian landscapecarpathian mountains daffodil glade valley romania landscape eastern european scenery Poiana Narciselorwild daffodil Lent lily fields valley flowers glade  muntii baiului garbova mountains near brasov  carpathian mountainswild flowers beautiful  butterfly romania carpathian mountainsbeautiful butterflies wild flowers romanian carpathians mountainswild daffodil Lent lily carpathian mountains beautiful romania landscape eastern europewild daffodil Lent lily fields valley flowers glade  muntii baiului garbova mountains near brasov  carpathian mountainspoiana narciselor zervesti wild daffodil glade  Lent lily romania landscape bucegi mountains european landscapeswild flowers beautiful butterfly romanian carpathian mountainswild flowers romanian mountainswild white flowers romanian carpathian mountainswild purple flower romania mountainswild purple flowers romania mountainswild yellow flowers romanian carpathian mountains

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“Pick up a maximum of 10”