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* Next to the Getae – Dacians, the pictures also showcase Sarmatian and Roman costumes for the purpose of historical reenactment.

battle fire

getae-dacians geto-dacii romanian men people dacia warriors draco lup dacic wolf

getae-dacians barbati geto-dacii

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how to educate dacian babies romanian men children Sarmisegetuza

Sarmisegetuza Regia – remains of the sacred sanctuary

sarmisegetuza dacian capital remains getae-dacians geto-dacii 4

Sarmisegetuza Regia

dacians geto-dacii romanians

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Reconstruction of Sprancenata Dacian fortress at Draganesti-Olt archeological park (starts minute 5:55) – project not yet finalized at the moment of filming. Unlike other Dacian fortifications, this was a simple wooden structure built for observation.

dacian fortress Drăgăneşti-Olt culture-romania-eastern-europe ancient dacia


dacian man romanians ancient romanian eastern european men ancient dacia

romanians in ancient dacian men clothing dress

dacian romanian man throwing axe


dacian-warrior-romanian-men-ancient-dacians-dacia-barbati-daci-dac romanians

romanian men ancient traditional clothing romanians

dacian man with dacian draco wolf fight symbol carpathians mountains

Dacian Draco

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dacians men romanians traditional clothing romanian men

The cult of the Sun

dacians romanians hiding from sun femei dace femeie daca

dacian candle light

draco dacian wolf battle fires lup dacic

Dacian Draco