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The dense and unspoiled forests of Buzau mountains (in Moldavian-Muntenian Carpathians) hide the first signs of Christianity in Romania. When the first Christians entered Europe in the III-IV century, they dug secluded hermitage caves in Buzau mountains (S-E Romania), which in later centuries became hiding spots from invasion or persecution. Other hermitages (such as Alunis) are dated back to the times of Getae-Dacians.

interior schit rupestru buzau


The caves are located on the territory that carries the name of Luana’s Land (Tara Luanei), situated near Alunis, Nucu and Colti villages. Buzau county has several other similar areas.
Many rocks and cave walls in Luana contain old writing and inscriptions which has yet to be fully deciphered – stars, solar signs, crosses etc.