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Showcased in Cotroceni Palace from Bucharest, Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s sword represents a remarkable piece not only through its estetique, but especially through its history.

Alexandru Ioan Cuza famous romanians men prince
In 1862, Alexandru Ioan Cuza helped the serbian government smuggle weapons from Russia (against western and ottoman interests). The turkish ministry of foreign affairs ordered the convoy to be stopped – move that was supported by Austria and Great Britain. Cuza stood up against the decision despite additional pressures from France and Prussia.
As a sign of recognition, the Serbian prince Mihail Obrenovici offered the sword as a special gift that symbolizes the friendship and unity of Serbia and Romania against foreign occupation.

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 alexandru ioan cuza sword
The sword has the following inscription – AMICUS CERTUS IN RE INCERTA which means “Certain friend in uncertain times”.
The handle presents Saint Andrew (Saint Patron of Serbia), and a Lion and Eagle fighting a Snake – which represents Serbia and Romania fighting the foreign occupation. The sword is covered with hundreds of diamonds and emeralds.

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Alexandru Ioan Cuza was prince of Moldavia and Vallachia; he achieved the official union of the Romanian principalities and became the first ruler of Romania.

Cuza also achieved meaningful reforms that were to serve the development of Romania’s infrastructure and culture as a unified state. He was removed from power through a palace coup and was replaced with a German-born king by foreign interests, whose wanted to maintain control over Transylvania (read more about Cuza here).

alexandru ioan cuza famous romanian people king