Fortress of Ponor (Karst natural complex)

Ponor Fortress (Cetatile Ponorului) is the tallest lime formation in Romania, which rises to 74 meters. It lies in Apuseni Mountains, in the Western Carpathians.

The Fortress has 3 doline entrances and 4 balconies which stand on top of the Fortress.
The Ponor Fortress basin has 36 square km and it includes Galbenei Gorge and The Flowers’ Glade.

heading to Ponor fortress
Heading to Ponor fortress

near Ponor fortress Carpathian mountains Romanians tourists

standing above Ponor fortress Carpathian mountains Romania
One of four Ponor balconies

Ponor fortress dolina 3 Carpathians romanian men tourists Romania

Ponor fortress dolina 3 Carpathian mountains romanian men walking

view from Ponor fortress Carpathians Romania

Ponor fortress Carpathian mountains Romania most beautiful landscapes europe