Culture Palace, Iasi (Palatul Culturii)

The Palace of Culture fom Iasi hosts 4 museum: the Museum of Art, the Museum of History, the Museum of Ethnography and the Museum of Science and Technology.   The palace is built on the foundation of the 1450 Royal Court, whose remains are conserved below the building.        

Communist prisons: Fort XIII Jilava, Ramnicu-Sarat, Sighetu Marmatiei, Pitesti

“The biggest victory of communism – a victory dramatically revealed after 1989 – was the creation of a man without memory, the new man brainwashed to not have any memory of who he was, or what was, or what he did before Communism.” – extract from the Resistance and Victims of Communism Memorial . .… Read More Communist prisons: Fort XIII Jilava, Ramnicu-Sarat, Sighetu Marmatiei, Pitesti

Constanta city, Dobrogea

Constanta is an old port city founded in 657 B.C on the Black Sea coast, in Dobrogea region. Its historic ancient name was “Tomis”, name given by Greek merchant colony established here. The greeks had strong commercial relations with the local Getae and surrounding populations. The city was also populated by Romans, Genoese traders, Turks… Read More Constanta city, Dobrogea

Partisans: the anti-communist resistance

Spiru Blanaru: ” I’d like everyone to learn what we went through and what were our conditions and the chances of victory over communism. We already reconciled with the thought that we’re going to die.” . – the Prague Declaration, strongly opposed by various interest groups, called for the study and publication of materials that… Read More Partisans: the anti-communist resistance