Bucovina (Bukovina)

Bucovina – historic region from Northern Romania; it was part of the historic principality of Moldavia until the Austrians annexed it in the XVIII century (when it was renamed “Bukovina”). Prince of Moldavia Grigore III opposed the annexation and was soon assassinated following a secret deal between Austrians and Ottomans. His funeral stone says: “Branch of the famous… Read More Bucovina (Bukovina)

Romanian traditional costumes Part 1 Port national

For part 2 click here ~ costume traditionale romanesti, port popular romanesc ~ . Coming from self-sufficient communities, Romanians made their own clothing: the clothing pieces were handmade and sewn by women, and leather clothing/ footwear were made by local craftsmen (meșteri). Costumes could take between 1-2 years to make. The work was done mostly during winters… Read More Romanian traditional costumes Part 1 Port national