Union Museum (Muzeul Unirii), Iasi

♦ Built between 1800-1806, the museum is the symbol of the 1859 Union between the Romanian Principalities and the formation of Romania as a state. The Union was accomplished by ruling prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. To read more on prince Cuza, visit Personalities section  ♦   Advertisements

Cuza palace

Cuza palace from Ruginoasa (Iasi) built in 1804 by Sturdza family. In 1862, the palace was bought by Alexandru Ioan Cuza, ruling prince of the United Romanian Principalities. ,,Câtă vreme va avea țara aceasta istorie, cea mai frumoasă pagină va fi aceea a lui Alexandru Ioan I” * ,,As long as this country shall have… Read More Cuza palace

Cuza’s sword. Symbol of a common struggle

Showcased in Cotroceni Palace from Bucharest, Alexandru Ioan Cuza’s sword represents a remarkable piece not only through its estetique, but especially through its history. In 1862, Alexandru Ioan Cuza helped the serbian government smuggle weapons from Russia (against western and ottoman interests). The turkish ministry of foreign affairs ordered the convoy to be stopped –… Read More Cuza’s sword. Symbol of a common struggle