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A gorge represents a narrow valley with steep, rocky walls and a river running along, between hills or mountains. A gorge may be considered a smaller version of a canyon.

Romanian word for gorge = chei.

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Nera gorge (Cheile Nerei)

romania suspended-bridge-over-nera-beautiful-romanian-natural landscape rivers romanians cheile nerei

Turda gorge (Cheile Turzii)


7 ladders Canyon (Canionul Sapte scari)

Seven Ladders canyon Romania Carpathians beautiful Eastern Europe natural scenery waterfall 6.

Danube canyon (Cheile Dunarii)

romania danube canyon iron gates cazanele dunarii portile de fier carpathian mountains.

Bicaz canyon (Cheile Bicazului)

Cheile Bicazului vazute de pe Piatra Poienii

Dobrogea canyon (Cheile Dobrogei)

Dobrogea keys Romania

Below are various other gorges, spread throughout all regions of Romania: Cheile Rametului, Cheile Galbenei, Cheile Corcoaia and others.