Ceausescu’s Romania: 1965 – 1989

SOURCES: “Sovereign Debt, Austerity, and Regime Change: The Case of Nicolae Ceausescu’s Romania” – by Cornel Ban “The world economy and the Cold War, 1970–1985” – by Giovanni Arrighi “Crisis in the Eastern Bloc – Soviet and IMF looting in Romania” – by Executive Intelligence Review ________________________________________ Nicolae Ceausescu – a symbol of communist tyranny… Read More Ceausescu’s Romania: 1965 – 1989

Partisans: the anti-communist resistance

Spiru Blanaru: ” I’d like everyone to learn what we went through and what were our conditions and the chances of victory over communism. We already reconciled with the thought that we’re going to die.” . http://www.en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prague_Declaration_on_European_Conscience_and_Communism – the Prague Declaration, strongly opposed by various interest groups, called for the study and publication of materials that… Read More Partisans: the anti-communist resistance

Old Europe – Neolithic wonders: Cucuteni, Hamangia, Gumelnita

  old europe – When “old” means truly old   “Neolithic Europe” lasted from 10000 BC to 2000 BC. The Neolithic period began when man developed farming and domesticated animals. The period included strictly agricultural societies, which ended once tools became widespread. Between the 7th and 5th millennia BC, communities throughout south-east Europe developed mixed… Read More Old Europe – Neolithic wonders: Cucuteni, Hamangia, Gumelnita

Romanian traditional costumes Part 1 Port national

For part 2 click here ~ costume traditionale romanesti, port popular romanesc ~ . Coming from self-sufficient communities, Romanians made their own clothing: the clothing pieces were handmade and sewn by women, and leather clothing/ footwear were made by local craftsmen (meșteri). Costumes could take between 1-2 years to make. The work was done mostly during winters… Read More Romanian traditional costumes Part 1 Port national