Constanta city, Dobrogea

Constanta is an old port city founded in 657 B.C on the Black Sea coast, in Dobrogea region. Its historic ancient name was “Tomis”, name given by Greek merchant colony established here. The greeks had strong commercial relations with the local Getae and surrounding populations. The city was also populated by Romans, Genoese traders, Turks… Read More Constanta city, Dobrogea

Dobrogea scenery

Dobrogea (Northern Dobruja) is a historic region located in the south-east of the Romania, which also represents the country’s exit to the sea. Southern Dobruja is located in neighboring Bulgaria. Dobrogea has a continental climate, making it the warmest part of Romania. The soils are extremely fertile. It is a generally flat area, the highest… Read More Dobrogea scenery

Old Europe – Neolithic wonders: Cucuteni, Hamangia, Gumelnita

  old europe – When “old” means truly old   “Neolithic Europe” lasted from 10000 BC to 2000 BC. The Neolithic period began when man developed farming and domesticated animals. The period included strictly agricultural societies, which ended once tools became widespread. Between the 7th and 5th millennia BC, communities throughout south-east Europe developed mixed… Read More Old Europe – Neolithic wonders: Cucuteni, Hamangia, Gumelnita