Union Museum (Muzeul Unirii), Iasi

♦ Built between 1800-1806, the museum is the symbol of the 1859 Union between the Romanian Principalities and the formation of Romania as a state. The Union was accomplished by ruling prince Alexandru Ioan Cuza. To read more on prince Cuza, visit Personalities section  ♦   Advertisements

Mogosoaia palace

Mogosoaia palace – built in year 1702 by Constantin Brâncoveanu, prince of Vallachia. the palace is located 15 km from Bucharest.       who was Constantin Brancoveanu Constantin Brancoveanu (1688-1714) was the last Vallachian prince before Phanariot rule was imposed by the Ottoman Empire. During his reign he brought stability, economic prosperity and a… Read More Mogosoaia palace


Transfagarasan road was built in the early 1970’s by Nicolae Ceausescu as strategic military road after the 1968 invasion of Czechoslovakia by the Soviet Union, which he publicly criticized. It’s 90 km long and located in Fagaras mountains; it connects Vallachia and Transylvania.  

Ancient Luana’s Land

The dense and unspoiled forests of Buzau mountains (in Moldavian-Muntenian Carpathians) hide the first signs of Christianity in Romania. When the first Christians entered Europe in the III-IV century, they dug secluded hermitage caves in Buzau mountains (S-E Romania), which in later centuries became hiding spots from invasion or persecution. Other hermitages (such as Alunis)… Read More Ancient Luana’s Land