People, history, culture

 People, culture, history

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Traditional costumes of Romania

part 1

romanians girls rumanas rumene traditions romanian people eastern europe traditional folk

Traditional costumes of Romania

part 2


Romanian personalities

Caragiale (right) in 1911, a year before his death

Junii Brasovului


Traditional rural architecture

Romania traditional romanian houses rural romanian people .

Honor Guards

regimentul 30 garda mihai viteazul bucuresti romanians 30th Honor Guard Regiment Bucharest Romania romanian men

Ancient history

 the Getae-Dacians

rome italy arch of constantine dacians dacii

The Neolithic wonders

Cucuteni Ritual Statues cucuteni trypillian culture Romania oldest civilizations eastern europe

Ceausescu’s Romania: 1965 – 1989

Speech against the Soviet invasion Nicolae Ceausescu Bucharest Prague Spring Piata_Palatului_August_1968

Dacia reenactment




Vanatori de munte in Fagaras

Fagaras mountains vanatori de munte Mountains Hunters romanian men soldiers 2

Old Romania

Adolph Chevallier photography

Moldavia Romania girls romanian people culture

1989 – Bloody Christmas

Blindate ale armatei romane stationeaza in Piata Palatului (actuala Piata Revolutiei), in fata fostului sediu al Comitetului Central al Partidului Comunist Roman, in Bucuresti, in timpul evenimentelor din decembrie 1989. EMANUEL PARVU / MEDIAFAX FOTO

The Romanian village

Romania agricultural land terrain terenuri agricole fertile soil europe .

Communist prisons

Fort XIII Jilava communist prisons Romania

1947 – NKVD directives for occupied eastern Europe

Soviet troops invade Latvia

Sihastria Putnei


  For the heroes

 ~ war stories from Romania ~

heroes cross caraiman peak Romania carpathians mountains

1940 Soviet invasion

Antonina’s story

antonia and family before deportations siberia bessarebia moldova romanians eastern europe

Cuza’s sword

symbol of a common struggle


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